Types of Abayas

Modest abayas are a common wardrobe staple for many Muslim women, but there are a lot of different types to choose from — you may be wondering what the difference is between these abayas, or what style would work best for your shape.

The abaya is a loose, long-sleeved dress that falls to at least mid-calf to cover everything from shoulders to toes. It also has an opening at the top for your head and usually has a slit on one side of the garment so you can easily walk around without tripping over it. Some even have buttons that close in front.

What’s not to love about trying out new styles and making the most out of the clothes you wear? Get a little creative with your outfits and you’ll never regret it. Plus, it is so much fun to come up with new looks for different occasions.

Different Types of Abayas

This blog post will go over the various types of abaya and how to find a modest one that meets your needs!

Batwing Abaya

batwing abaya

This is the standard abaya in the Gulf region. It has two sleeves that extend to cover the whole upper arm. This style is very versatile as it can be worn with jeans/trousers for a casual look or with formal wear for a more elegant feel.

Classic Abaya

This is one of the most popular types of abaya in the Arab world. It comes in different colours and patterns and combines shalwar trousers (a long, loose-fitting skirt worn over an ankle-length trouser) with headscarves.

Full Abaya

A full abaya covers all of your body from head to toe, so there’s no such thing as “skin showing”. Full abayas can be made of thicker fabrics such as shear and have a larger fit, whereas the batwing abaya, for example, is more fitted.

Maxi Abaya

The maxi abaya is worn by women who want to cover a lot of their body without wearing a full abaya. It covers the top half of your body but not your feet, so you can wear this with any type of flat or high-heeled shoes. This is perfect for someone who wants to cover her hair but still look fashionable!

Sheer Abaya

Sheer abayas are very elegant and classy. They are made of thin fabrics and either have a plunging neckline or a high-neck neckline. These abayas go well with a maxi dress or trousers. The sheer abaya allows you to show your shoulders and the lower back, which ends up making you look slimmer.

Embroidered Abaya

This type of abaya is made of brighter colours, but it is still very conservative because it covers your whole body. These type of abayas can be worn by both men and women.

Batwing Beaded Abaya

This abaya has different designs and colours, such as lace and patterns. In addition to the batwing sleeves, it also has beaded borders which make it extra classy. Some abayas include matching headscarves so that you can match your abaya with your other outfits. This style is perfect for an evening out in town!

Potrait Abaya

This type of abaya is made with a long, silky metalic fabric that drapes beautifully over your body creating a very elegant look. This abaya is more suitable for formal occasions such as an evening party or a wedding. It goes well with wide legged trousers and heels.

Beaded Abaya

This type of abaya is also made from metalic or silk fabric, which has beautiful beads sewn onto it. This style has pretty designs on the sleeves and neckline which makes it even more fabulous than the traditional batwing abaya. You can wear this with a dress or trousers.

Printed Abaya

This type of abaya is made of a silk cloth and is very bright in colour. It is usually white or black, but sometimes it will be made up of a combination of colours (such as red and green) or even patterns (for example, flower prints). This type of abaya goes well with floral dresses and leggings.


Abayas have always been a very popular part of our fashion trends despite the fact that some people complain that they are restrictive. I personally think that abayas are not restrictive at all and can even make us feel confident and glamorous.

The different types of abaya allow us to be more creative and have fun with our outfits. There are also abaya styles and colours to suit every type of person out there! So whatever your style is, you’re sure to find the right abaya for you!