Nordica Photography

literally my most favorite week ever is about to start on the blog.

THE “BEST OF 2013″ 


every other wedding blog does an amazing recollection of features they have had on their blog and categorized each usually by favorite gowns, favorite details, favorite bouquests, etc.  i’ve been having fun going through and checking out the gorgeous weddings and engagements out there through them.  it’s amazing what talent we have in this wedding industry alone.  seriously.

nevertheless, this blog has always emphasized not only the important of wedding photography but always always shined the light on wedding photographers.  so last year, i decided to start doing a “best of” showcase a little differently from others.  instead of looking back through the posts on my blog, i reached out and had wedding photographers send me their favorites.  a little idiotically, i asked for 15 to 20 images from each and ended up with 700+ images to pick from.  so while it was an impossible task picking the best of from those, i really enjoyed it and it was by far my favorite week on the blog.

this year, i wised up a bit and asked for only 3 to 5 images from each photographer.  however, this still resulted in over 400+ images.  hah.  but guys, seriously, i’ll never take that overload back because i’m in awe of what these wedding photographers have accomplished this year.  it just keeps getting better and better and i keep discovering more and more talent which totally warms my heart.  with every submission i got, there was a major squeal and absolute delight.

Yaro Photography

it was hard to pick only one from each so you guys are getting two posts a day, but a full week of absolute, pure, solid talent categorized by engagements/anniversaries, just the girls, wedding ceremonies and moments, and last but not least, wedding portraits.  as you go through each post, please remember to click through on the links of these wedding photographers.  you won’t be disappointed with the work you see.  your eyeballs will be on talent overload like mine were.  it’s just so good.

again guys, i’ve said it so many times before, but the importance of wedding photography is vital.  these guys are the only ones who will truly be able to capture your wedding day forever.  they are one of, if not the most, valuable wedding vendor of your big day.  please remember that.

Chaz Cruz

so sit back and relax this week ahead that is packed full of so much fantastical frames and images from the best of the best of the best wedding photographers out there.  the first post starts tomorrow morning and i’m so excited to share!

and finally…

to the wedding photographers that submitted,

thank you guys.  i am truly honored and humbled that you sent images over for this.  thank you for thinking of my blog as a place to be proud to share them not just for this “best of 2013″ week but for all those other days too.  my wedding blog is not a big name and doesn’t ever guarantee a mass load of inquiries or bookings whenever you’re featured on here so i truly appreciate having your work on here.  will always love what you guys capture and do and will always continue to cheer you on and throw confetti for you all.  thank you again.

come back tomorrow for the “best of 2013″!