i’m pretty fond of all the people in this frame
as well as the one who captured it too.
i’m a huge fan of every one of them and they’ve all become near and dear to my heart.
all of the people in this are all photographers, well except for me.
all of them are all crazy good photographers and i high advise you spend some time clicking through their portfolios this weekend.
in no particular order, here goes:

Andria Lindquist
Tyler Branch (and Katie)
Rico and Rachel (Studio Castillero)
Bryan and Mae
Tonhya Wysong (Tonhya Kae Photography)
Jill DeVries
Hugh Forte
Jonathan and Joanne (Encarnacion Photography)
Kristin Tourtillotte (Kristin Marie Photography)
Matthew Morgan
Jeramie Shoda (Shoda Love)
Nick Radford
Michael Rowley
James Moes
Magnus Lindqvist
Amanda Vanvels
Lia Cecaci (I Love That Glove)
Ally Stepp (Love Life Studios)
Emily Scott (Gem Photo)
Jessica Rozof (Jessica Noelle Photography)
Josh Gruetzmacher
and last but not least, the photographer behind this frame
Nirav Patel

hot dayam
i know some amazing photogs.
just sayin’.
love and miss y’all.

a few songs that have been on repeat latelythanks to Gail Werner for the heads up on a few of these artists with her monthly playlists.hope you enjoy them too!have a great weekend!xoxo,