took it easy this week with the posts.i’m back from wppi and survived with no SARs.  *high five*i was so fortunate to hang out with about 40 of the coolest ever’s a sneak peek of part of the group:

 thanks to Mae Laubman for this heart is so full from this past wppi.the group that i was with and got to hang out with made me feel so blessed and so fortunate to know.
we’re probably the most bizarre and quirkiest group when put together.
but individually, these photographers have got some serious talent. no joke.  hands down.
amazing freaking talent.i can’t wait to hang out again with them.  
(i’ll list them out individually when i get the official photo from Nirav Patel)to kick off the weekend,here are a few faves from fun.’s new album, some nights.i mean obviously my favorite is “we are young”.but here are a few more.enjoy and have a great weekend! {ever ours} fun. by Lydia Yeung on Grooveshark xoxo,