the above is only a snippet of the amazing work that has been on the blog the past week.  originally on my instagram.


so thank you so so much.  i’m so overwhelmed by the response over this week.  i’m so happy with the genuine love everyone’s shown for each other’s work and how proud each photographer is.

thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending your work in.  keep on sending it in this year.  i can’t wait to see your 2014!

and to those who missed out this year, you guys better send images for “best of 2014″ end of this year!

thank you.

also sidenote, you may have noticed some additions to the side bar.  a quick explanation:

i am not a full-time blogger.  i have a day job that i actually rather like and enjoy.  i count my lucky stars that i truly enjoy this job.  it keeps me challenged and i’m constantly growing AND more recently, i am swamped at work and honestly, sometimes have difficulty balancing it all.  this blog is first and foremost my hobby and my creative outlet.  i get asked a lot if i’ll make it full-time.  i don’t know.  maybe.  not anytime soon.  my fear is i won’t love it as much when there’s finances involved and the pressure will get to me and i won’t enjoy it as much.  plus, my friendships with everyone on this blog have been beyond genuine and so filled with love.  i don’t want to ruin it because at the end of the day,  i just like blogging and showcasing wedding photographers.  that’s it.  that’s all.

with that said, having no time to maintain ads and sponsorships, i also want to be an open book with everyone.  my blog doesn’t have the readership like the HUGE wedding blogs, and it has a smaller, but strong following which i am so lucky to have.  therefore, i have to admit i would feel like i’m cheating vendors if i asked them to be a sponsor or an advertiser on this blog.  i know they wouldn’t mind sponsoring, but my goal is to always get them inquiries and bookings.  and knowing that my click throughs wouldn’t guarantee them that and my dedication and attention to them wouldn’t be enough because of the day job, i’m doing something a little bit different.

i’ve reached out to some of the photographers who i have followed the longest and supported me the longest and posted them on my sidebar.  it’s just my little way of saying thanks.  if you’re interested and want to learn more, please email me!

again, thank you always to those wedding photographers who submitted.  thank you to all the readers who do come to this blog every day to check out the amazing imagery and give wedding photographers some love (shoutout to A Crimson Kiss for always commenting).  here’s to 2014 and i can’t wait to share some of the amazing work lined up for you all in 2014!

*throws confetti*