#everoursafterhours serves as a learn the “why” behind their work, to get to know photographers and videographers that are the game changers or ones that in their tiny little corner of the earth are just getting it done.  i have always, ALWAYS, prided myself on the that community that i have the fortunate experience of knowing and featuring.  for the past five years, i have surrounded myself with such a beautifully talented community of wedding photographers and videographers.  so i’m just going to build on that this year and give them the spotlight they deserve.  i’ll be highlighting photographers almost every week.  but obviously if i have the time, i’ll be featuring more but it’s all dependent on the photographers who have the time to answer too.  it’ll be up on Sundays and it’ll just be a chance for photographers to kick back after shooting a wedding, grab a coffee, and have a lazy Sunday read.

this week’s is with


Megan is the bee knee’s behind MorningWild Photography.  i’ve been fortunate enough to follow her work for a while and then been ever so lucky to have her on here as well.  but the best part is she’s allowed me throw confetti around her like a crazy person.  her work has been blowing my mind.  you’ll see below, but come learn more about Megan.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

I was at Syracuse University pursuing a career in Photojournalism. I had the hardest time obtaining a summer internship in 2007, but one popped up last minute in Los Angeles working for a wedding photographer. I interviewed and was offered the job. I honestly never wanted to get into weddings but really wanted to live in L.A. Hilariously, in the end, I found out that I really liked weddings and didn’t really like living in L.A.

 After that summer, my friends started hiring me and it organically took off from there. I balanced newspaper/media internships and weddings until I had a job offer on the table and 18 weddings on the books. I decided at that point to just jump in completely and pursue wedding photography full-time. It was terrifying to turn down the job, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Every once and a while I will still take on a few freelance opportunities for The New York Times, but I really love running a business, telling stories, and creating photographs that will be an integral part of my couples’ heritage. It’s funny how things work out….

What is unique about your style of shooting?

 I’m told from my peers that I’m great at capturing raw emotion and creating photographs with interesting light. I think this stems from my background as a photojournalist where one is required to make something powerful without altering the scene and having to wait for moments to happen naturally. I try my best to let my couples experience their day as organically as possible. I never want to interfere and make fake memories.

Include one of your images that is your most recent favorite and explain why you love it.

 This might not be the best image I’ve ever made, but its sentiment hits me hard. Leighann’s father had passed away a few years before their wedding, and his father walked her down the aisle. This 89-year-old grandfather of hers is something special. When I met Leighann + Tom on Skype they were visiting her grandpa in the hospital after he recovered from a quadruple bypass. Who would have thought that six months later he would be well enough to boogie with her on the dance floor. She surprised him with a song just for the two of them, and this was his face when the music came on. He had the biggest smile while swinging his hips. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I’m really close with my grandfather, and we just found out his cancer has spread, making his time on earth probably not much longer. I cherish every photo I have of him, and I’m sure this bride will cherish these as well. Moments like these at weddings make my heart happy.

What do you struggle with the most?

 I struggle the most with balance. I have a difficult time saying “no” and taking on too much. My creativity and health suffer when I’m shooting back-to-back-to-back during peak months, 60-hour weeks, no days off. I need to be better about learning my limitations.

Where do you see wedding photography heading next? Where you would like to see it go?

 I see a trend of couples wanting their engagement + wedding photos to be an experience. More and more are going on adventures to make amazing images happen.


 I would love to see more couples embrace who they truly are and integrate those elements into their day, versus poses and expectations copied from Pinterest. My favorite weddings are those that celebrate the unique qualities of the couple and the couples who are truly present with each other on their day. That brings a raw element and depth, which naturally creates epic photographs. I don’t think honest imagery will ever go out of style 

If you could send one message to the wedding photography world, what would it be?

Be honest with yourself about the work you want to create. It’s easy to feel like you have to make photos just like everyone else does to be successful. Those that step out of that box are the true leaders in the industry.

What drives you as a person and as a wedding photographer?

 Authenticity. Creativity. Adventure. Love. I’m driven to create something genuine that will be meaningful to my couples and their families for many, many years. I love serving them in that way. I’m truly a maker. God has put a passion in my heart to constantly create, learn, and love people with this gift.

What makes you throw confetti at the end of the day?

 Long walks in nature with my husband and our Samoyed pup, Poa. Traveling. Having deep conversations with great friends. Leaving a wedding feeling like family. Enjoying really, really good food, wine, and coffee. Overall, living intentionally and purposefully with a lot of fun, spontaneous moments.

MorningWild Photography is based in North Carolina, but Megan travels world wide to shoot the storytelling in the most beautiful way.  please go check out more on HER SITE and HER BLOG.