#everoursafterhours serves as a learn the “why” behind their work, to get to know photographers and videographers that are the game changers or ones that in their tiny little corner of the earth are just getting it done.  i have always, ALWAYS, prided myself on the that community that i have the fortunate experience of knowing and featuring.  for the past five years, i have surrounded myself with such a beautifully talented community of wedding photographers and videographers.  so i’m just going to build on that this year and give them the spotlight they deserve.  i’ll be highlighting photographers almost every week.  but obviously if i have the time, i’ll be featuring more but it’s all dependent on the photographers who have the time to answer too.  it’ll be up on Sundays and it’ll just be a chance for photographers to kick back after shooting a wedding, grab a coffee, and have a lazy Sunday read.

today’s #everoursafterhours is with


if you haven’t noticed, Allie’s work is stunning.  i’m just happy to have her sitting on my sidebar and i hope some of you have noticed and clicked through to check out her work.  glad you guys will get to know her more.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

I have always needed a creative outlet, whether it was writing, drawing, designing, or whatever. There was always this feeling that I would do and be something that had a creative facet. In 2009 I found myself working at a corporate job, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm and I had been working there for almost three years. I never truly felt that I fit into that mold. I hated dress codes, timelines, lunch breaks and wishing my life away waiting for the weekend to come. I never went to school for photography, and truthfully it all came very suddenly. Within one day I had a business name, a logo and a license and until then I had never used a DSLR (my first camera was a Nikon D5000) and I spent every waking moment trying to create images I would be proud of and creating a business. I tend to be a little impulsive in life but that’s what works for me. Nine months later I quit my corporate job and I have never looked back.

What is unique about your style of shooting?

I don’t know if my style of shooting should be considered as unique because I feel like that word should be reserved for people who are breaking boundaries and redefining photography. I think that the uniqueness comes from photographers themselves. My personality, my enthusiasm, and the way I see the world–that’s what is unique.

Include one of your images that is your most recent favorite and explain why you love it.

This image is one of my favorites right now. This couple was married months before in Washington but wanted photos that represented them and their life a little more, which was in Arizona. I love this photo not just because it was an amazing location (which it totally was!) but because I got to spend the weekend with them, being apart of their lives and doing things that they loved. It is amazing when you get invited into someone’s world.

What do you struggle with the most? Business wise or shooting wise.

I constantly struggle with every part of my business, but I think that’s every artist. You always see flaws and want to make things better. It’s what keeps me moving forward and evolving in photography and in my business. Currently my biggest struggle is my branding. I am at a point that I want every part of my business to express who I am. I want my clients to feel they know me before they meet me.

Where do you see wedding photography heading next? Where would like to see it go?

I feel like wedding photography is becoming more raw and intimate, or maybe that is just where I hope it is going and continues to go. As destination weddings and elopements are becoming more of the norm and people are stepping away from the traditional church wedding, people are choosing what is most important to them and creating their own definition of what a wedding is to them.

If you could send one message to the wedding photography world, what would it be? (Basically, your life motto)

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

What drives you as a person and as a wedding photographer?

Oh man, so many things. Personally I would say that experiences drive me. I want to experience as much as I can while I can. Professionally I would say its creating art and capturing emotion. I want the photos I take to make people feel something.

What makes you confetti throw at the end of the day?

Life. Love. My husband. My Family. My clients. Every day deserves confetti…and a glass of champagne.

again, i highly encourage you to check out Allie’s work over on HER SITE and on HER BLOG.  undoubtedly, some of the best bride and groom portraits.