confetti throw fridays is where after spending my thursday nights scouring through my blog subscriptions and social media feeds, i pick my favorite images from any of the wedding photographers i am following and showcase them each week in the friday post.  it’s a chance to show off the hard work that wedding photographers have been up to.  in all honesty, i see it as a way for wedding photographers to cheer each other on and give high fives to each for the stellar work.  never see it as a competition or a let down if you’re not on here, always see it as motivation and to throw confetti for your peers in this industry.

i’d like to take today’s #confettithrowfridays to celebrate some dear friends of this blog.  the following have lovingly supported this blog and i’m so excited and so proud of them for being awarded Rangefinder’s Rising 30 Stars.  it’s a great accolade to have and one that they should be proud of and everyone in this community should be proud of them.  each one has raised the bar and keeps all of us motivated.  we all know wedding photography has its ups and downs so let’s remind each other every once in a while that we’re all in this together.  so like #confettithrowfridays. whether or not you got nominated or awarded this, let’s high five these guys for their hard work.  let’s raise the bar higher next year.  and let’s just all throw confetti for the absolute magic they captured.

i highly encourage you all to check out the others who received Rangefinder’s  30 Rising Stars and their galleries.  everyone’s work is absolutely stunning and makes me feel so lucky that i know and got to feature almost half of that list.  i must have done something right.  thank you to the above for trusting my blog as a place to call home for your work and i’m truly honored that i got to feature your talent and gorgeous work.  seriously feeling blessed and my heart wants to hug all of you.  hope you all throw some confetti for yourselves this weekend and keep taking it beyond.

have a great weekend all!

*throws confetti*