confetti throw fridays is where after spending my thursday nights scouring through my blog subscriptions and social media feeds, i pick my favorite images from any of the wedding photographers i am following and showcase them each week in the friday post.  it’s a chance to show off the hard work that wedding photographers have been up to.  in all honesty, i see it as a way for wedding photographers to cheer each other on and give high fives to each for the stellar work.  never see it as a competition or a let down if you’re not on here, always see it as motivation and to throw confetti for your peers in this industry.

I had to take a moment this week to realize that it was already mid-October.  There’s about two months left of this blog.  Reality set in when I spent this week at a conference for recruiters.  It stung a little, I have to admit.  This is going to be the new me and will take time to get used to.  I know I’m going to miss this blog so terribly so.  There is always going to be a place in my heart for this digital space.  I’m a little nervous as to how bored I’m going to be and maybe become more a boring person.  Hah!  I remind myself though that this will be better for my health and my life in general.  Grown up decisions, right?

I hope you take a moment this weekend to be grateful for something in your life.  No matter how small you may think it is, someone out there might not have it, so you should feel so fortunate.  Hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, high five a friend…and as always,

*throws confetti*