so i have a yashica camera from this guy.  he gave it to me for free cause i ate all my fries.  true story.

this guy and this guy are full of talent.  no doubt about it.  they both have managed to capture some truly amazing images on film- see HERE or HERE

so say you had the chance to check out how they capture things with these sorts of cameras, i’d highly advise you to check out their “return to tangible”-


it’s your perfect opportunity to get down and dirty with film cameras and learn from the talent that inspires all.

from black and white to color, learn the nitty gritty and ins and outs of some amazing film cameras.

it’s a chance for you to kick start more inspiration and most definitely develop a new creative side of you.

i don’t know  about you.  but i’d just want to hang out with Nate and Rog just to learn and hear what goes on in their crazy talented minds.  in a cool campground no less.

check out more details for DEVELOPING YOUR LIFE.

go! hurry!  their registration fee has reduced so you’ll want to get in now!