i am incredibly thankful to not only have this wedding photographer’s work on my blog, but having the fortunate luck of having him as a friend outside of this blog.  his support for this blog and myself personally have come as a blessing many of a time.  genuinely one of the nicest people i know out there and one of the most kindhearted to all of us in this community.  major thanks to


for always being there and checking in.  and while his work is under the radar, everything he captures is absolutely magical.  you all really need to see for yourself.  so head on over to HIS BLOG to see.

 as a reminder, all the last features on this blog are dedicated to those wedding photographers that sit on the blog’s sidebar.  since i never believed i could guarantee bookings, i never have asked these guys to pay for advertising.  yet, they still wanted to be on here and call the sidebar home.  it genuinely has been my pleasure to have them on here every day.  each of them are immensely talented wedding photographers so throughout these last few weeks, please do me a favor and check out their work.  it’s the tiniest token of thanks i can give these guys.