so most of you know that i am a HUMONGO fan of music,
i don’t nearly update my tumblr as much as i should nowadays
but i still have fun sharing whatever i can and whatever i love.
and this is thanks to Shade Tree Films for the intro. 
so i’m pretty excited to introduce all of you, especially photographers and videographers, to:

1.  What is The Music Bed?The Music Bed is an online Music Licensing group that licenses specifically to wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and non-profits for their videos & slideshows. However, we will be adding corporate and independent film licenses soon!2.  How did it come about?We were actually wedding videographers originally and were never able to find good music that we could legally use in our productions. So we decided to create The Music Bed to fill the gap.3.  How do you pick the artists?We handpick most of our artists based off of what we believe our users will like, and use. But we also take suggestions from our users.4.  What is the process of getting a license?All you have to do is use our site to search through the music based off of genre, mood, etc… listen through the song to make sure you LOVE IT, and then click license. You will pay on the site, and then the song will go into your account where you can download it to your computer. 5.  Favorite aspect of The Music Bed? Our favorite part is definitely the music… Cliche I know, but before anything else, we are music lovers. We believe that music can create emotions, break barriers, and change people. And therefore, we believe that the right song can make or break your video. 6.  What’s on your playlist now?HA! Ask everyone in our office, and you will get different answers, so let’s just play a game. I will shout the question to the office, and you will get a list of everything I hear. I do not take responsibility for any of it:Here it goes:PheonixBen RectorThe Naked and FamousBattlesSleeping At LastColdplayImagine DragonsBrooke WagonerGrizzly BearThe Arcade FireBlack KeysAs you can tell, this is our favorite question. AND we tend to fight over the music in the office. We should probably get on a rotation or something. Obviously not all of those are Music Bed artists, but we can dare to dream right. One day my friends. One day.—huge thanks to The Music Bed for taking the time to chat!
love that they find somewhat unknown artists that create such on par music for wedding photography and videography.
i know that some of you have a hard time picking songs for slideshows and your videos, 
so you most definitely should check it out and see how useful and nifty this site is.
the music they have available is so up my alley.  i like to listen to the songs just to pleasure my ears. 
and now for a little fun.

for your chance to win a song,
please do the following:

1.  please go “like” The Music Bed on Facebook.
2.  come back and leave a comment here saying you did so.
in your comment, don’t forget to leave your contact info too!

you have until tuesday, november 22nd, 2011 to enter!
and i’ll announce a winner on wednesday afternoon!

again, thanks to The Music Bed for this giveaway!

contest is over and the winner is:
Em from Gem Photo!