it goes without saying that everyone loves comfy, soft t-shirts. there are definitely a few staples in my closet that i love wearing over and over and over again. friends and family can vouch for the fact that i’ll go around in stores buying clothes based on how soft they are. it makes me uber proud and excited that my own dad had a part in launching this new online store.

they are the epitome of what modern workwear for men and women should be
AND have the softest and comfiest shirts indeed.

i know that these shirts will become part of your wardrobe,
whether you’re a bride, groom, vendor, or just a blogger friend.
calling wedding vendors, especially though, you can wear these shirts while working your weddings.
light, comfy, and soft which would make it a perfect outfit for a long day at work.

not quite sure about this?
well i’d highly encourage you to try their “fit to a tee” home kit.

1. take their style assessment
2.  choose your shirts (you get to pick three and they’re shipped to you for free)
3. find your fit (you have five days to pick your favorites)
4.  keep the one(s) you like and send it back.  (the shipping is on the house)

i guarantee you that you will like at least one or more.
i have three in my closet.
and i’ve been showing them off at work so everyone knows how comfortable they are.

so go on and check out
Pickwick & Weller
and all their styles and options with color!
definitely recommend trying the “get fit to a tee” home kit.
and while you’re at check out,
to get 20% off your order.

you can enter that code at checkout even if you’re just trying out the “get fit to a tee” kit
they don’t charge you until the 5 days is up and you haven’t returned anything
or you return the items you don’t want and the discount will then take effect.

enjoy all!