where do you even begin when this wedding photographer ends up being such a dear friend of your’s and you’ve seen the tremendous amount of growth from her in just a few years.  i first got the chance to feature this lady’s work back in April of 2011 when my blog suddenly became PNW central.  i don’t regret it one bit because that group of people ended up becoming my family.  this lady not only is a wedding photographer, but she is one heck of a lifestyle/fashion/boudoir photographer.  she is the definition of #girlboss cause somewhere between all of the above, she manages to travel all over to satisfy her heart’s desires with adventures.  also put us in a room together, no alcohol needed and silliness ensues which includes ridiculous accents while singing Disney songs.


i am damn proud of you, girl.  you make my heart so happy seeing you overcome your obstacles and struggles to shoot the most incredible beautiful things.  you have the power to draw out the most beautiful of emotions and make whoever you captured feel on top of the world.  thank you for what you’ve done for this blog, but more importantly the friendship we have.  i still wear the midi ring on my hand, that i’m pretty sure is meant to be a toe ring.  your friendship has meant the world to me and i am so glad that i still get to hang out with you even when this blog retires.  you truly have been inspiring to follow and i can’t wait to see where you take all of us next. love you to the moon and back.

you all need to check out Tonhya’s work on HER BLOG and for all you lifestyle bloggers, go see her other blog too, THE TOP KNOT.


as a reminder, all the last features on this blog are dedicated to those wedding photographers that sit on the blog’s sidebar.  since i never believed i could guarantee bookings, i never have asked these guys to pay for advertising.  yet, they still wanted to be on here and call the sidebar home.  it genuinely has been my pleasure to have them on here every day.  each of them are immensely talented wedding photographers so throughout these last few weeks, please do me a favor and check out their work.  it’s the tiniest token of thanks i can give these guys.